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Mechanical Testing

As part of our mechanical testing suite we conduct tensile tests on various shapes and sizes of products, parts or parent material.  The test results are interpreted to reveal the elastic, plastic and inelastic behavior of a material when force is applied. We have extensive experience with the testing methodology as well as the interpretation of the results.  We have a variety of specialized equipment in our lab for testing. Our mechanical testing services can be an integral part of your vendor qualification process or used to help root cause failures.

This kind of testing is an excellent method to determine whether a material matches the ductility and strength criteria for your specific application.  Test results can determine whether a selection of materials will meet specific mechanical properties.  Test results can indicate whether a material is ductile and the degree of ductility or alternatively the lack of ductility resulting in brittle fracture.  For metals, heat treatments or work hardening can alter the strength and ductility in a advantageous or detrimental manner which will be revealed through tensile testing results.

With a variety of grips and equipment setups we can test the amount of force needed to open or close a mechanism or break packaging.

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