Advanced Materials Engineering Services for the High Technology and Process Industries

MTA Inc has over 50 years of experience in failure analysis and laboratory testing, working with a broad range of industries involved in the design, fabrication and operation of equipment used in the manufacture of semiconductors and the production of pharmaceuticals, and process chemicals such as ethanol, hydrogen peroxide sulfuric and phosphoric acid.

Surface Analysis

Electropolished surfaces evaluated in accordance with SEMI F19 specifications:

Auger surface analysis and depth profiles

XPS surface analysis

Chromium-to-iron ratios

Chromium oxide to iron oxide ratios

Oxide thicknesses

Surface roughness

SEM surface examination at 3,500x

SEMI Standards As Referenced: F20, F37, F60, F70, F72, F73, F77

Scanning Electron Microscopy 

Gold plated Pirani pressure sensor, showing corrosion by moist bromine along the exposed edges of the nickel substrate.

EDS/EDX Element Mapping

EDS element mapping shows nickel layer attacked by bromine.

Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analysis

Aluminum oxide corrosion products revealing sea water contamination of liquid natural gas pump.

Failure Analysis

Catastrophic failure of phosphoric acid storage tanks due to chloride stress corrosion cracking.

Corrosion Testing

Pitting of 316L stainless steel in 6% hydrated ferric chloride.  ASTM G-48 Corrosion Test.

SEMI F77(cpt), F2129

ASTM G48, G150, G61


Crack initiation and propagation in ceramic part.


Annealed copper. More 

Preparation of metallographic cross-sections including welds, plasma coatings, ceramics, and polymers.


Metallographic section through tungsten inert gas orbital weld in 316L gas delivery tubing.

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