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Scanning Electron Microscopy

Failure Analysis is Supported by the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

The SEM is a powerful tool in failure analysis.  Visual or even optical examination can be misleading: cracks or particulates observed may be superficial or inconsequential.  Combining optical examination with the SEM provides outstanding results.  SEM examination of metallographic sections delivers excellent surface definition, readily displaying key modes of failure: ductile overload, cyclic loading, overheating or hydrogen embrittlement.

SEM image reveals failure through brittle fracture due to hydrogen embrittlement

SEM image reveals intergranular failure from overheating

SEM image reveals the mode of failure as ductile overload (tension)

In addition to visual examination, our Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) is equipped with a state of the art Thermo Fisher EDS detector and System 7 analysis package which enables fast and accurate elemental analysis coupled with rapid mapping and line scans.

Our secondary electron detector provides for excellent surface examination of fractures and other topographical detail.

The SEM has a solid state backscattered electron detector for imaging materials differences such as anodized layers, corrosion products and discrete particles.